Blanco Isntruments  are the results of a constantly evolving design, with the aim of achieving high quality standards for professional instruments.

The choice of the woods is entrusted to the experience of Michele Giorgione’s Solidbody, which provides essences of extreme quality, carefully selected for the specific use in lutherie.

La componentistica hardware Hipshot viene scelta per assicurare massima solidità e precisione senza tralasciare il fattore estetico.

Amongst the latest developments, we are happy to collaborate with EME Electronics by Eugenio Masiero, renowned bass player and sound engineer,  who has developed a line of preamps that provide to our instruments a unique timbre, adding value to the sound that the alchemy of woods produces.

EME Electronics also propose a new series of pickups made in collaboration with Bertozzi GuitarWorks, handmade by Gabriele Bertozzi, which close the loop of the top-of-the-line components for an instrument designed to satisfy the professional musician in both live and studio contexts.

This is what makes a Blanco instrument.