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The EME by Gabriel pickups were born from the idea of ​​obtaining a unique timbre that would go very well with our electronics and be a valid upgrade solution for Fender style basses and not only.

Made by the skilful hands of Gabriele Bertozzi, renowned for his production of guitar pickups, they come in different configurations to give the bass player a better choice of tone, looking for a new voice for his instrument.

The Neo-X models, in single coil or humbucker versions, 4 or 5 strings, are made with neodymium magnets which are perfectly balanced in terms of volume in the passage from a pickup to an another, thanks to the research on the impedances and the number of windings, with the right mix between punch and definition for a modern and versatile sound.

For the lovers of the more classic sound, the AL-4C and AL-5C models, for 4 and 5 strings respectively, in single coil and humbucker versions, return the typical sound of the golden years thanks to the use of alnico 5 magnets, though still well defined and perfectly balanced.

In addition to the classic Fender style covers, it is possible to customize the p.u. with wooden cover to match to the aesthetics of your instrument, with different types of essences available at the customer's choice, or custom models can be created for any type of instrument.